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Oven Repair St. Albert
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We have received 59 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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Oven Repairs Are Our Specialty

Is Your Oven Broken?

  • Yes, it doesn't heat up
  • One of the coils doesn't heat
  • The buttons aren't working
  • The stove burners don't work
  • The igniter isn't working
  • I don't know what's wrong, but it's not working!

Properly Working Ovens Are Necessary For Good Cooking

But, They Are Extremely Expensive To Replace

Instead Of Replacing It, Repair Your Broken Oven

We are Fast and Meticulous

At Uplifting Appliance Repair, we are dedicated to our customers needs. In situations where an essential appliance is compromised, we understand that time is valuable.

We make a point to be prompt with our response to the call, and meticulous with our repair job.


No More Burnt Food...

It might be burnt on one side, and uncooked on the other. Or perhaps it's not cooked at all. Or maybe it's just that the light won't turn on, or the buzzer won't stop buzzing. Either way, we'll fix it.

And, if we can't fix it, you lose nothing. Our "no-fix, no-pay" guarantee ensures you that your oven will be fixed with no hidden fees.

We Are Repair Experts

If you are looking for oven repair in St. Albert, Uplifting Appliance Repair is your company.

We are the experts in oven repair. This expertise comes from an educational background in engineering, as well as the experience that has developed as we have repaired hundreds of ovens over the years.

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We Offer The Best:

1. Small, Local, Owner-Operated Company

2. Expert Engineering Background

3. Highly Experienced

4. No-Fix, No-Pay Guarantee

5. 100% Customer Satisfaction

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Recent Reviews

Binh Nguyen

Edmonton, AB

Date: Aug 18, 2019
Our technician Zack was very professional, patient and one of the best by far. The price was very reasonable for the work done. He’s willing to take his time to answer all of our questions thoroughly. I highly recommend him if anyone has problems with appliances.

"Price Was Very Reasonable For The Work Done."

Seraya Smit

Spruce Grove, AB

Date: Jul 10, 2019
Great installation experience. Professional expertise, and conscientious with respect to the finished result. Even returned free of charge on my behest for an additional service!!!

"Great Installation Experience."

Greg Harding

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Date: May 7, 2019
Excellent Repair Service!😁 Will recommend to all my friends and family.

"Excellent Repair Service!😁"

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Your Oven Will Be Happy, Too!

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Our "No-Fix, No-Pay" customer satisfaction guarantee assures that you will not have to pay unless you have a fixed oven. So, you won't be charged with any estimate fees or diagnostic fees. Period.

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It Just Makes Sense...

Your oven is not working properly. You could shell out several thousand dollars to replace it. Or you could quickly and simply repair it for much cheaper, and without the annoyance of having to go shopping. There really isn't any reason stopping you from calling today!

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Uplifting Services

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We know you'll appreciate our great repair work on your oven, just like our oven repair customers in Sherwood Park.


1. What types of ovens can you fix?


We can fix all types of ovens, including maytag, thermador, kitchenaid, bosch, dcs, industrial, and commercial style ovens. We can fix microwave ovens and pizza ovens, as well.

2. Do you fix gas ovens?


We fix gas, electric, and even microwave ovens. If you have an oven that needs repair, we can do it.

3. Can you repair stove/burner problems, too?


Yes. We repair all different types of appliances. And, if we can't repair it, you aren't out any money, as we guarantee our work with a "no-fix, no-pay" policy.