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Oven Repair
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We have received 59 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We've Fixed Hundreds Of Ovens, Just Like Yours!

Is Your Oven Not Working?

  • Yes! It Won't Turn On!
  • It Only Cooks On One Side...?
  • Yes, My Oven Isn't Heating!
  • Some Of the Buttons Don't Work
  • Yes, I Can't Get The Flame To Ignite
  • My Oven Timer Is Broken

Ovens Are Expensive To Replace

But Working Ovens Are Crucial For Everyday Living and Cooking

Instead Of Replacing Your Broken Oven, Repair It!

We'll Get Your Oven Fixed Fast!

Food is necessary to sustain life, so when the oven is broken, it is a serious problem for the household.

Here at Uplifting Appliance Repair, we understand the necessity of properly functioning ovens, so we strive to respond quickly and efficiently to all of our calls.

No repair is too big or too small for us to come look at, assess, and fix.


No More Oven Problems...

Instead of praying that your cookies will actually cook on the top before they burn on the bottom, or waiting over an hour for a 30 minute recipe to finally finish cooking, call us to repair your broken or malfunctioning oven.

After you call us we will assess and fix your broken oven - guaranteed.

We Are Repair Experts

If you are looking for expert oven repair in Sherwood Park, Uplifting Appliances is your company.

We guarantee our work with a "No-fix, No-pay" policy. This means that we will come out, assess your oven, diagnose your oven's problem, and then fix your oven, on the spot. If we cannot fix your oven, we will not charge you for our time.

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Oven Repairs Are Cheaper Than Replacing Ovens

1. We Do Expert, Quality Repairs

2. "No-Fix, No-Pay" Customer-Satisfaction Policy

3. Background In Engineering

4. Small And Local Company

5. Quick And Efficient

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Recent Reviews

Binh Nguyen

Edmonton, AB

Date: Aug 18, 2019
Our technician Zack was very professional, patient and one of the best by far. The price was very reasonable for the work done. He’s willing to take his time to answer all of our questions thoroughly. I highly recommend him if anyone has problems with appliances.

"Price Was Very Reasonable For The Work Done."

Seraya Smit

Spruce Grove, AB

Date: Jul 10, 2019
Great installation experience. Professional expertise, and conscientious with respect to the finished result. Even returned free of charge on my behest for an additional service!!!

"Great Installation Experience."

Greg Harding

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Date: May 7, 2019
Excellent Repair Service!😁 Will recommend to all my friends and family.

"Excellent Repair Service!😁"

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Not Sure If You Need To Repair Or Replace?

Remember Our No-Fix, No Pay Policy!

Competitive and Affordable

At Uplifting Appliance Repair, we have serviced thousands of appliances over the past several years. People who have trusted us to service their various appliances have seen how affordable our prices are. Their reviews are testimony to how affordable and competitive our repairs are.

Call Before Your Family Disowns You

Hungry People Tend To Get Grumpy...

Why Wouldn't You Call?

If you are worried that your oven may be too far gone, and will likely just need to be replaced, remember that we offer a 'No-Fix, No-Pay" policy. This means that there's simply no better option than to call us before you fork out a thousand dollars on a new oven. If we can fix it, you save some cash. If we can't, you don't lose ANYTHING. There's really no reason to not call with a policy like that.

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