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  1. We are licensed
  2. Some repair shops aren't. We are.
  3. The owner has been certified.
  4. He was also an engineer and repaired garage doors. He knows his stuff.
  5. We accept all credit cards and cash.
  6. We make it easy to pay us.
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Date: Jan 3, 2018
Fast Repair!

Jordan Pickford

Edmonton AB

Date: Jan 17, 2018
Excellent customer service! Zack was a pleasure to deal with & problem solved our issue with our oven! A technician who actually worked the problem, diagnosed & repaired the issue instead of "it's broken, by a new part". He was extremely patient with all my questions & observations! Very reasonably priced, we will definitely use this company again!

Services Provided

Oven Repair

Douglas B

Edmonton AB

Date: Dec 27, 2017
Clean, professional, respectful, and friendly. Showed up well within the time window provided. Charged a fair price for services rendered. Took the time to show me, step by step, how to fix the problem with my refrigerator. Also provided and taught me some preventative services for my refrigerator brand. Thank you!

Services Provided

Refrigerator Repair

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I didn't always service appliances, so what else gives me experience.

Hi, I am Zahi Yaakobi, I own Uplifting Services. For a couple of years I have been serving the people of Edmonton by repairing their appliances.  Before that I repaired their garage doors. And before that I was an engineer, also working on machines all the time.

I've had a lot of experience working on all sorts of machines, including appliances and I am really good at it. More than likely, I will be the one to come service your appliance, and I will surely be the one to answer the phone, so go ahead and call!

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