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We have received 59 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We've Fixed 100's of St. Albert Dryers!

Is Your Dryer Not Doing Its Job?

  • I have a gas dryer that isn't heating
  • My electric dryer isn't working
  • We need our dryer fixed ASAP!
  • The laundry pile is getting out of control
  • Our commercial dryer is causing us to lose business

Your Dryer Is An Integral Part Of Your Home

If It Isn't Working, You Lose The Capability To Do Everyday Functions

Call Uplifting Appliance Repair NOW!

We're Quick To Respond

We know that you don't have the time to wait around for a repairman to maybe show up. You need your dryer repaired NOW!

We make ourselves available to show up fast. Often times, even within the same day. Your best solution is quick and easy with Uplifting Appliance Repair.


You'll Be Smiling With Your Clothes Drying Again

Can you imagine having a dryer that works well again? How will it feel to be able to finish your laundry cycles?

You and everyone else in your home are going to be thrilled to get through that pile of laundry.

Over 1900 Appliances Repaired

The owner of Uplifting Appliance Repair is an engineer with a passion for fixing appliances. He is the best choice for dryer repair in St. Albert.

We are licensed, insured and experienced to make sure you, the customer, get the best service possible.

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5. No Fix = No Pay Guarantee

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Recent Reviews

Binh Nguyen

Edmonton, AB

Date: Aug 18, 2019
Our technician Zack was very professional, patient and one of the best by far. The price was very reasonable for the work done. He’s willing to take his time to answer all of our questions thoroughly. I highly recommend him if anyone has problems with appliances.

"Price Was Very Reasonable For The Work Done."

Seraya Smit

Spruce Grove, AB

Date: Jul 10, 2019
Great installation experience. Professional expertise, and conscientious with respect to the finished result. Even returned free of charge on my behest for an additional service!!!

"Great Installation Experience."

Greg Harding

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Date: May 7, 2019
Excellent Repair Service!😁 Will recommend to all my friends and family.

"Excellent Repair Service!😁"

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Uplifting Services

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1. Do You Subcontract Your Work?


No. When you hire Uplifting Appliance repair, you'll deal directly with Zahi, the owner-operator of the company. He is present on every service and holds himself to the highest level of excellence in quality.

2. Is It Better To Repair Or Replace?


This is a tough question. It is one that many people ask whenever their dryer or other appliances breakdown.

Our best response is that the answer varies. We'll be able to best advise you when we arrive and correctly diagnose the problem. You can however, rest assured that we'll advise you on what your best option is.

3. Do Dryer Sheets Cause Dryers To Malfunction?


Dryer sheets don't directly cause damage to your dryer. They can however cause a more readily clogged dryer lint screen. Simply be sure to clean your lint screen often and you shouldn't worry about using dryer sheets.